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Roll-out of Direct Roaming Relations;
the fastest way to increase your footprint anywhere in the world!

Mobile Operators face big challenges when it comes to rolling out direct roaming relations and services. The main challenges are finding experienced personnel and good cooperation from roaming partners. Moreover; the involvement of many different departments cause delays in roll-out with missed revenues as a consequence. Roaming roll-out is crucial and needs to be fast and efficient. With over 12 years of experience, SIGOS has built an excellent reputation in the roaming world and supports you during all roaming roll-out phases.

Our Solution

Our valued Roaming Implementation Service is known around the world. We can help you to expand your direct relations for all technologies in the fastest and most efficient way.

Let our expert team based in Belgium take care of all the roaming roll-out phases for you!

  • All your roaming agreement negotiation including setting up new IRA's, C.9, C.11, IOT,etc...
  • Full coordination and exchange of roaming documents and test SIM cards
  • Inbound IREG testing and troubleshooting for all technologies
  • Remote outbound IREG testing to overcome resource restrictions on roaming partner side
  • Inbound and Outbound TADIG Validation and completion of TAPCC and CLL (Commercial Launch Letter)
  • Close follow-up including detailed weekly reporting and conference call
  • Dedicated multilingual coordinator taking care of all your wishes
  • We deliver between 20 and 50 unilateral launches per month and per customer!

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