Roaming & Interconnect

Internet of Things (IoT) Quality Testing

Can you assure that your Internet of Things service performs well across the globe?

IoT Services are moving into more and more industries like Connected Cars, healthcare, transportation,and more.Because of the growing importance of IoT as a new and significant source of revenue for Mobile operators, it is important to assure the best User Experience.

SIGOS has the solutions to help provide seamless worldwide performance and 24/7 monitoring

Key Benefits

  • Overview of the performance per roaming partner network across all technologies
  • Management view of the performance in each roaming partner network via a Single Quality Indicator (SQI)
  • Ad-Hoc testing and troubleshooting via your web based GlobalRoamer account
  • Real-time reporting and alarming with large test libraries and report templates
  • Access our platform covering 800+ mobile networks via an easy to use WebUI
  • Customized managed service packages according to your needs

Why Choose Our Solution

Our solution fulfills the needs of both mobile operators and enterprises

  • For Mobile Operators: Verify all test scenarios before launching the service for a new customer
  • Monitor and troubleshoot in case of issues during the service
  • For IoT Providers: Benchmark Mobile Operators to always assure the best Roaming Quality
  • Continuous monitoring of the performance of the Mobile network partner after the service is open
  • Make sure that Service Level Agreements are fulfilled

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