Roaming Performance Intelligence

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Get an insight into our new Roaming Performance Intelligence solution

Every day thousands of Quality of Service tests are run and KPI measurements are taken in all parts of the world via our GlobalRoamer platform. These measurements provide unique benchmark information which SIGOS can share within the GlobalRoamer community through our Roaming Performance Intelligence Solution.

Our Solution

Get access to all Performance Data and look beyond your own test results and compare with averages in GlobalRoamer

  • Gain insights into the performance of mobile operators around the world
  • Focus on issues that can be solved instead of general bad performance in a roaming partner network
  • Get access to unique benchmark information for Operational and Roaming Wholesale Managers
  • Discover the quality offered by mobile operators for their different services and re-evaluate your roaming roll-out strategy
  • Compare your customer's experience against GlobalRoamer Data

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