Roaming & Interconnect

Roaming Quality Testing

Are you feeling overwhelmed by the complexity of Roaming QoS and would like to test and troubleshoot without having to depend on the support of your roaming partners?

Why take the risk of losing customers and roaming revenue when you can simply do Roaming quality testing using the worldwide coverage of GlobalRoamer?

Global Roaming Quality (GRQ) Testing

SIGOS has been working very closely with the GSMA defining the GRQ KPI’s and definitions for Voice, Data, LTE and VoLTE services.

GRQ provides daily monitoring of:

  • Availability and performance in roaming of all services
  • User experience in each Roaming Partner
  • Quality of the International Voice Carriers
  • Delivery of the correct Calling Line Identity (CLI)
  • Performance of the GRX/IPX Carrier
  • A management view of the GRQ results

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