Roaming & Interconnect

Inbound and Outbound Steering of Roaming Verification

We recommend Roaming Managers and Quality teams to monitor the Outbound Steering of Roaming and also learn about the Inbound Steering of Roaming strategy of your Roaming Partners. This information can be highly valuable for optimizing your roaming revenues.

Outbound Steering of Roaming

  • Monitor Steering of Roaming (SoR) in each roaming country
  • Check correct behaviour of the steering platform settings
  • Make sure that Forbidden Networks are not accessible
  • Detect if Anti-Steering is used by Roaming partners
  • Verify real user experience
  • Possibility for a fully managed service

Inbound Steering of Roaming

  • Knowing the SoR strategy of the Roaming partners is crucial, as this information can be used in the negotiation of discount agreements
  • Once an IOT discount agreement is in place, it is worth to monitor how the Roaming partner shares the traffic among the Mobile Operators in your country
  • SIGOS SIM Pool (> 438) can be used to register under any network in own country

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