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Get a reliable, customizable network alarming solution

About SITE Alarming

SITE Alarming tools help you to identify where and when your network service will be down due to system failure. Define your alarms based on a specific set of KPIs and set the threshold for predefined severity levels—you’ll receive an alarm immediately after a severity point is reached.

Alarming Features

SITE Alarming tools work to ensure that all network problems are quickly identified with:

Alarm History:

  • View alarm history over time to get comprehensive insight into alarm status—from “warning” status to “cleared”.

Minimum Sample Size Parameters:

  • Minimize unbiased reporting due to low sample size. SITE users can set the minimum number of samples for aggregated KPIs and receive aggregated values only when a sufficient sample size is available.

Intelligent Scheduling:

  • Repeat failed tests automatically using a reduced test interval and increase testing frequency to enable faster troubleshooting. You can determine the repetition of failed tests by configuring:
    • Testing frequency (e.g. every 5 minutes)
    • Repetition quantity (e.g. 3 times)
    • Reporting validity (e.g. “invalid”)
  • Automatic testing has no direct impact on your defined report output

Service Alarm Map (SAM)

  • Provides a high level, easy to understand overview of your complete network status
  • Triggered alarms can be linked to specific network elements
  • Identifies the root cause early on  
  • Enables a deep dive into highlighted network elements for intelligent trace analysis
  • Allows for faster cost optimization and a minimization of revenue loss

SITE Alarming Benefits

Get immediate benefits with SITE Alarming tools, including:

  • Comprehensive view of network status
  • Quick root cause identification
  • Intelligent trace analysis
  • Reduced revenue loss
  • Information about network behavior when modem is not in use
  • An insight into message flow and protocol data exchange between mobile station and network

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