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Customer Experience Perspective – App Testing

Ensure subscribers receive a first-class app experience across all networks, including Android and iOS

About SITE App Testing

According to a recent report, the average mobile phone user accesses more than 30 apps per month* and uses up to 10 different apps per day. Your subscribers’ app experience plays a key factor in their overall satisfaction.

SITE offers two best-in-class solutions to test your app’s performance: App Experience CLU and Hybrid CLU. These CLUs complement each other, implementing different use cases to deliver comprehensive app testing.

App Testing Services

SITE App Testing works to ensure optimal app performance:

  • App Experience CLU tests and monitor apps for telecom and enterprise
  • Hybrid CLU tests and benchmarks classic telco services

The App Experience CLU integrates App Experience Studio and use cases into the SITE environment. This helps to achieve the product’s high stability and consistency and provides a unified reporting and alarming architecture under SITE.

Our app testing solution lets you monitor all your critical applications, including any transaction on a mobile app, hybrid app or website across all networks, including Android and iOS.

Additionally, SITE testing provides insight into how subscribers experience your app’s performance on their mobile devices.

SITE App Testing Benefits

  • 24/7 ad hoc testing on one or more devices
  • Point-and-click recording to create unique customer test flows
  • Success validation at each step via object, text and image
  • Measurement of any step with place timers
  • Test cases for single and multi-devices
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