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Customer Experience Perspective – Crowd Testing

Get real-world crowd testing to analyze and measure the effectiveness of your entire mobile network

About SITE Crowd Testing

SITE 360 is a user-friendly Android app agent that passively monitors basic OTT app and network service usage, while performing active tests for data throughput, voice calls, SMS HTTP DL, and YouTube streaming.

SITE 360 provides valuable information on coverage and coverage holes on all radio access technology (RAT) across all networks. Because SITE 360 is fully integrated in SITE, measurements can be correlated to create a single, holistic network performance analysis.

SITE 360 provides three key modes of operation:

  • Active Automatic: Automatic tests are triggered on a predefined schedule from the SITE 360 backend server for data, voice, SMS and video
  • Active Manual: Manual tests are triggered by the end user for data, voice, SMS and video
  • Passive: Monitors network and app usage while running in the background

SITE Crowd Testing Benefits

  • Measurable alternative to standard Customer Experience Quality Assurance
  • Testing across multiple networks and devices for increased user experience
  • Provides faster testing cycle which saves time and money
  • On-demand QA team helps maintain quality while saving you money
  • Special Crowdsourcing campaigns based on different triggers i.e. outage, event etc
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