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SITE Data Testing

More than half of all users access the internet through their mobile phone, therefore mobile data has become the most important mobile network service on the market. All modern mobile applications—including apps, browsing, streaming and more—rely on stable and high availability in IP connectivity.

In order to stay ahead of competition, your mobile network must be powerful and reliable—or you risk losing users. SITE offers comprehensive data testing to monitor the quality of your data performance across all network technologies and services while providing industry standard data quality control.

Data Testing Services

Optimize mobile performance with SITE Data Testing services:

  • Network Speed & LTE Advanced Carrier Aggregation: Measure data capacity, speed and more while monitoring latency, throughput and carrier aggregation. Combine multiple LTE carriers to increase data bandwidth. Additionally, measure the total transmission capacity available to your customers and the maximum throughput of your network.
  • Mobile Browsing: Test browser automation and recorder, u-browsing, web browsing 2.0 and mobile web transaction.
  • Generic IP Services: Measure the performance of network IP services such as browsing, tracer routing, speed test, ftp and http. SITE also provides all test cases for GPRS IP, a monitoring tool chain for services such as web page download, latency traceroute and more.
  • IP Link Monitoring: Analyze IP link metrics and IP traffic generators and test your IP connectivity within your 2G, 3G, LTE or LAN network, including one-way-delay (OWD) metrics or traceroute with node exposure.
  • IP Traffic Generator: Test and measure how your network handles different types of IP traffic and get an insight into the performance of your network when users are browsing, sending emails, transferring files and engaging in peer-to-peer interaction.

SITE Data Testing Benefits

  • Layer3 tracing, troubleshooting and root cause analysis
  • Multiple test cases and KPIs for immediate use, including SIM MUX cards
  • End user QoS testing using a robust wireless module
  • Availability of QoS for 2G, 3G, 4G, and IMS services

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