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Network Quality Insights – Network Diagnosis

Identify and troubleshoot network problems in a fast and reliable way

About SITE Network Diagnosis

Frequent outages and network interruptions can have a detrimental effect on user experience and can make your subscribers look for a more reliable mobile service provider.

SITE Network Diagnosis tools ensure reliable network performance by helping you identify and troubleshoot network problems and outages through advanced active testing.

About Network Diagnosis

Service Alarm Map (SAM) and Layer 3 Tracing and Trace Inspector comprise SITE Network Diagnosis:

SAM is a powerful tool for visualizing the status of mobile network services by mapping service alarms generated by SITE systems to network elements or geographical locations. The SAM world map allows users to assign alarms to specific countries, regions within a country or cities and logically correlate them with the probe locations. Color coding helps to illustrate network service levels, depending on the reported alarms. Features include:

  • Detection of bottlenecks and service issues in the network infrastructure
  • Relevant end-user services are correlated with individual network elements and systems to predict, analyze and visually display service network problems
  • Drill-down functionality provides technical teams with vital information such as error IDs, trace details and measurement values that improve reaction times during heavy system traffic and network element failures
  • Alarms mapped to countries, regions and cities

SITE Network Diagnosis Benefits

  • Identify service outage root causes faster
  • Drill-down information to support technical service teams
  • NAS, RRC and PCAP traces to identify network problems
  • Real-time alerting and incident reporting
  • Fix network problems before they impact subscriber satisfaction
  • Eliminate long network downtime
  • Minimize costs due to outages

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