SITE for QoS & QoE

Emergency Services Testing

Ensure that your network provides correct access to the Emergency Services

Why Choose SITE for Emergency Services Testing?

SITE for Emergency Services Testing has been developed to test, monitor and troubleshoot 24/7 Emergency Services and Platforms, allowing operators ensure availability and performance while optimizing testing efforts.

Our Active Testing Platform guarantees end-to-end service quality and integrity of emergency communications. It performs Localization Verification and PSAP Platform Testing and ensures networks comply with regulations and mandatory requirements for Emergency Services.

Emergency Services Testing

  • E911/E112 Emergency Services Platform Testing using S1 probes
  • eCall Testing for the European eCall service via eCall capable wireless modules

SITE Emergency Service Testing Benefits

  • Reduced testing effort by leveraging SITE’s unique Emergency Service Platform testing approach
  • Test specific E911/E112 Emergency Platform features, e.g. localization
  • Ensure the your network correctly handles specific emergency services such as eCall

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