SITE for QoS & QoE

Network Quality Insights – Reporting

SITE Reporting provides easy to understand and precise reporting tools to measure the quality of your network

About SITE Reporting

Features include:

  • Dashboard interface: Intuitive and intelligent, the dashboard interface allows you to display, update and configure multiple reports with drag-and-drop ease
  • Geographic Information System (GIS): The GIS is integrated into SITE and displays a large set of KPIs and GPS information created during drive tests. All data is processed and displayed on the operator’s customizable geographic maps or, alternatively, on Google Maps
  • Single Service Indicator (SSI) reporting: Comprised of the most important KPIs for each of our services, quickly start your SSI reporting using SITE’s pre-defined SSI templates for voice, SMS and data. Add new KPIs and alarms and get the flexibility you need to add or remove services to create customized service score cards
    SSI gives you in-depth insight into your services so you can pinpoint where problems are arising. It is also perfect for NOC/SOC monitoring. Display and navigate your SITE reports together with our Service Alarm Map (SAM) for smart device reporting, everywhere and anywhere
  • Regular reporting includes bar, line, areas and more

SITE Reporting Benefits

  • Filter and store KPIs in just a few clicks
  • Drill down quickly to individual trace level
  • Save time by eliminating multiple reporting
  • “On the move” service testing generates map-based, near real-time view of captured and analyzed KPIs
  • Check test case status and traces
  • Export graphic views in JPEG formats
  • View and analyze heatmap measurements

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