SITE for QoS & QoE


What is SITE?

SITE, the SIGOS Integrated Test Environment, is the industry’s most advanced active end-to-end test system available. It enables network operators to perform preventive and permanent Quality of Service as well as Quality of Experience Assurance by facilitating, managing and operating their own testing infrastructure inside of their own networks.

It comprises both hardware and software to emulate a large range of different test scenarios to get the full picture on your subscriber’s network experience.
The SITE test system easily integrates into any existing network infrastructures and is made of five essential architecture components:

  • Clients which communicate via graphical user interfaces over different connections with the SITE Test System
  • Central Unit which comprises the central processes used for the control and coordination of the complete system
  • Data Bases which contain the system configuration, test definitions, measurement definitions, test details
  • SIM Multiplexer which handles a large number of SIM and USIM cards to physically separate them from mobile Terminals
  • Local Units containing the test probes located at geographically different places for test execution.
The user-friendly and intuitive Graphical User Interface can be accessed via a web interface where the user logs on and controls the whole process from testing to reporting.

Mobile Terminals can be installed anywhere without your subscriber’s SIM cards. Any SIM cards stored in a SIM Multiplexer can be virtually transmitted to any of the system’s remote test stations (Local Units). The subscriber information of the virtually transmitted SIM card is then used by the system to perform the actual test.

While an extensive set of tools is available for network problem diagnosis, reporting and real-time alarming, the SITE test system can range from a small local installation to a widely distributed system.

With its leading-edge hardware and software components, SITE’s unique scalability, versatility and flexibility guarantee high investment security for your complete end-to-end testing requirements.

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