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Network Service Performance - Video Testing

Assure high-quality, high-speed video streaming to meet the requirements of today’s most popular on demand media providers with SITE Video Testing and Monitoring Solutions

SITE Video Testing

Does your network support high data speed demands? Can you detect problems before a business impact?

SITE for Video Testing offers 24/7 testing, monitoring, troubleshooting and benchmarking of video services across all network technologies and codecs for industry standard video quality measurements. 

Our Active Testing Platform monitors Video Streaming, HDMI Video (via STB), ViLTE, Adaptive Bitrate (ABR) and measures advanced KPIs such as Video Start Delay, interruptions, blockiness, blurriness, etc.  

Video Testing Services

SITE tests your video across two main services:

  • Native HTTP Streaming Services: SITE monitors, tests and measures the service performance quality of protocols such as HLS, MSS, MPEG-DASH and HDS against industry standards.
  • OTT Streaming: SITE tests your OTT (over-the-top) streaming to ensure that it provides steady, reliable service to subscribers without failing at critical times.

SITE Video Testing Benefits

  • Layer3 tracing, troubleshooting and root cause analysis
  • Multiple test cases and KPIs for immediate use, including SIM MUX cards
  • End user QoS testing using a robust wireless module
  • A wide range of KPIs and troubleshooting options

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