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Network Service Performance - Voice Testing

Get best-in-class mobile voice quality across 2G, 3G, 4G, LTE and VoWiFI technologies with SITE Voice Testing and analysis.

SITE Voice Testing

SITE for Voice Testing has been developed to test, monitor, troubleshoot and benchmark voice quality 24/7 across all network technologies, services and codecs providing standard voice quality measurements.

Our Active Testing Platform monitors voice quality performance of services such as Mobile 2G/3G, VoLTE, VoIP and VoWiFi using industry standard algorithms (POLQA)

Voice Testing Services

SITE voice testing works to ensure that your call quality exceeds industry standards with:

  • Voice Over LTE (VoLTE): End-to-end VoLTE (IR.92) testing to monitor to assure and validate the configuration for all network nodes (such as LTE/EPC/IMS). SITE test cases support IMS registration, VoLTE to VoLTE, VoLTE MO/MT to legacy networks (2G/3G/PSTN), VoLTE Supplementary Services and more.
  • Video Over LTE (ViLTE): Ensure quality of service by testing with Video over LTE. SITE test cases let users send audio and video reference files, measure audio and video quality and test SIP and RTP performance. MOS measurements are provided with the industry standard PEVQ algorithm.
  • Voice Over WiFi (VoWiFI): End-to-end VoWiFi Testing to monitor assure and validate the configuration for all network nodes including LTE/EPC/IMS. SITE test cases support IMS registration, VoWiFi to VoWiFi, VoWiFi to VoLTE and to legacy networks (2G/3G/PSTN) and VoWiFi Supplementary Services.
  • Circuit Switched Fallback (CSFB): CSFB ensures subscribers seamless voice calls that may fall back into 3G or 2G technologies until LTE is rolled out nationally.
  • 2G/3G HD Voice: SITE test cases assure that your existing CS-based voice services work at the highest level when your network migrates towards new technologies such as VoLTE.

SITE Voice Testing Benefits

Get immediate benefits with SITE Voice testing, including:

  • Layer3 tracing, troubleshooting and root cause analysis
  • Multiple sets of test cases and KPIs for immediate use, including SIM MUX cards
  • End user QoS testing using a robust wireless module
  • Insight and availability of QoS for 2G, 3G, 4G, and IMS services
  • A wide range of KPIs and troubleshooting options

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