Roaming & Interconnect: Inbound Market Share

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Key Facts:
Customer: Mobile Network Operator in North-America
Technology: Steering of Roaming
Scope: Inbound Market Share
The customer outlined their need to find out more about the steering strategies and
type of steering used by mobile roaming partners when roaming in Canada. This is only
possible when performing Active testing via GlobalRoamer.

The usual test SIM cards received from the roaming partners by the customer cannot be

used for this purpose since Steering is disabled. Retail post-paid, and pre-paid SIM cards
had to be procured from the roaming partners to analyse the steering behaviour and
the type of steering applied (OTA or via signaling). For this purpose, SIGOS developed the
decoding part of the OTA message in GlobalRoamer which was then successfully implemented
by the R&D department in a timely matter.
The Managed Service includes comprehensive reporting for Network Operations and
Roaming Wholesale Management as well as the procurement of 13 pre-paid and 13 postpaid
SIM cards. These could be purchased thanks to our worldwide network of partners
and local offices.


Results & Conclusion:
The monthly campaigns are running successfully, and customers’ executives can now
understand the distribution of their inbound roaming better. This gives them the right
information to quantify the total amount of potential traffic and revenues. This valuable
information is then used in discussions with roaming partners to adjust steering strategies
and to negotiate better IOT Agreements.

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