Roaming & Interconnect: ICQT Call Stretching Detection

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Key facts

Customer: Mobile Network Operator in Middle East

Technology: Interconnect Voice Testing

Scope: Detection of Voice Playback/Call Stretching

The customer outlined that their international incoming and outgoing calls were affected by fraudulent cases of Call Stretching.

Call Stretching is a new form of Fraud applied on international voice calls; the fraudulent carriers or transit providers start to record part of the conversation in a call and after 1-2 minutes the call is dropped on the B-side while kept on hold on the A-side with the recorded audio being played back repeatedly. The call continues until the person finally realizes that there’s something wrong and hangs up.

The impact was that customers were being overcharged and perceived the issue as bad quality by their mobile network provider which was affecting their customer trust and revenues.

Scope of service and challenges

SIGOS was able to translate the needs of the customer into a customized solution for detection and fast analysis of the detected cases. There was a test case developed and added to the GlobalRoamer test library. The customer requested to analyse the business impact on a larger scale.

Thanks to a close cooperation between the customer and SIGOS the issues could be detected, and the necessary proof and traces could be forwarded to interconnect partners and roaming partners.

Results and conclusion

Statistics about the occurrence of the problem per destination and per direction were provided to help understand the percentage of impacted calls per route. This way fraudulent carriers and transit providers could be detected and reported in a fast and efficient way.

After corrective actions were taken by the interconnect partners; active testing was performed again to make sure that the issues were permanently solved.

The customer now monitors their international traffic permanently and can detect issues before customers do. According to several customers, SIGOS is currently the only vendor who has a solution to detect this type of interconnect fraud.

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