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Key Facts:
Customer: International carrier
Technology: Voice, data and SMS services
Scope: International carrier quality testing (ICQT) and SMS via SMPP quality testing


The international carrier provides international routing of voice, data and SMS and
has strict service level agreements in place with customers worldwide (mostly mobile
operators and carriers). To provide top quality routing periodical international carrier
quality testing campaigns need to be run and ad-hoc testing and troubleshooting is necessary.

The customer’s operational staff were very occupied with many other tasks delivering
extra services like steering of roaming, dual-IMSI and SMS aggregation. They purchased
a batch of test units, a customized test case and a dedicated LAN interface to test SMS via
SMPP. Unfortunately, the customer did not have the time or experience to run proper
quality testing campaigns even though GlobalRoamer could help them with their daily
troubleshooting, benchmarking and monitoring activities.

SIGOS offered a customized consultancy package which would cover all quality testing


The SIGOS consultant immediately started off the project with several calls and WebEx
sessions to understand the requirements and the critical points of the customer. It was
clear that there was aa need to run parallel tests and advanced reporting but in-depth
expertise was needed which the customer did not have in-house.

The SIGOS consultant firstly ran a couple of specific campaigns remotely to immediately
provide useful results for the daily needs. After one or two campaigns, the customer’s
confidence boosted and they understood that GlobalRoamer was the right

Finally, an on-site training was organized. The training was not only about general
GlobalRoamer usage but it included also a customized session with specific test scenarios
and use cases adapted to the customer’s specific needs.
The training was attended from both marketing and network operations teams and even
staff from outside the country.

Results & Conclusion:
The GlobalRoamer consulting was very productive in turning the customer’s frustration
into satisfaction. This was accomplished in very brief time thanks to the consultant
listening to and understanding the customer’s requirements and issues. An action plan
was developed to make the customer able to use the tool very efficiently and independently.
As a first step the consulting was executed remotely to provide real results to
the customer in very short time (few days). Finally, the customized training was very
important to address direct needs and to provide a basic test and report configuration
that can easily be re-used.

Afterwards the customer could take care of the troubleshooting autonomously and
evaluate the quality offered by new potential carriers before bringing them into commercial
Performing SMS Verification is essential when different alphabets are used.
After one year, the contract for this particular project was added to the main contract
and renewed for the same period. The customer is now very satisfied with the solution
and is confident about delivering top quality to customers worldwide.

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