Roaming & Interconnect: Mega Event Testing

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Key Facts:
Customer: British mobile network operator
Operator size: 35M mobile subscribers
Technology: 2G, 3G and 4G services
Scope: Test and monitor roaming relations during Olympic Games

Background & Scope:
SIGOS deployed extra test probes among strategic locations, including airports and venues where the Olympic games were taking place and a dedicated Managed Service package was offered as an effort-free approach to do:

▪ Network optimization for best results and revenue increase
▪ Continuous monitoring and reporting by an expert from SIGOS’s Professional Services Team
▪ Reporting of issues to the operators early enough allowed to react and resolve the service quality issues faster
▪ GRQ (IR81) testing according to customer’s requirements

Summary & Findings:


▪ Success rate improved from 96% to constant 100%
▪ Better Call Set-up time throughout the various phases
▪ Call completion success rate was at improved level, reaching 100%
▪ CS Location update success ratio constantly improved, reaching 100%
▪ Achieved 100% CLI Delivery Success Rate compared to 86% in first phase
▪ The voice quality improved for MT and MO calls with MOS scores higher than 3


▪ Improved SMS Service Availability from 88% up to 100%
▪ Shorter SMS E2E Delivery Time achieved


▪ Increased success rate for GPRS Attach (PS LUP), reaching 100%
▪ Up to 100% Success rate for PDP Context Activation
▪ Better Throughput/Goodput and decreased Packet loss (FTP download)

SIGOS Managed Service Solution for mega event testing:

✓ The service is customizable to customer’s specific needs
✓ Dedicated SIGOS roaming expert
✓ SIGOS expertise (R&D) always available in the background
✓ Issues are quickly reported by the consultant
✓ SIGOS monitors the issues found after the Customer has fixed them and confirms the result
✓ Regular conference calls to discuss and review the results
✓ Proven ROI in a short time!

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