Quality of Service and Quality of Experience Testing

SIGOS Integrated Test Environment the worldwide leading automated QoS & QoE end-to-end testing solution
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Worldwide Testing Platform for 2G, 3G, LTE and CDMA accessing over 780 mobile networks in more than 210 countries
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Interconnect Fraud Detection

The Industry’s most efficient, most advanced and largest solution, to secure your revenue and protect your network against fraud
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Revenue Assurance

SIGOS active solution and CDR reconciliation ensures correct billing and identifies issues before the customers complain, helping you to decrease revenue losses
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Professional Services Telecommunications

Different levels of fully Managed Service packages encompassing SITE system hosting, maintenance, administration and operations, as well as GlobalRoamer testing solutions and campaigns
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SIGOS App Experience

Real-device mobile testing and monitoring solutions with powerful automation features that integrate seamlessly with agile development tools, and offer flexible deployment options
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SIGOS specializes in automated end-to-end active testing and fraud detection of radio, fixed, IP and MVNO telecommunication networks and services.

End-to-end service quality testing is a common test approach in the telecommunications industry. Whereas monitoring solutions look at the actual traffic in a network, end-to-end solutions can initiate/simulate traffic in an automated way from one end to the other to measure therefore precise traffic and end user’s Quality of Experience & Quality of Service.

Our platform of testing probes is spread across the globe to test the interconnect and roaming quality of our customers’ networks.
Revenue Assurance and SIM Box Detection represents also a key element of the SIGOS test system. With a limitless amount of carrier routes and VoIP subscriptions, we test and verify tariffs, detect revenue leakages such as SIM Boxes and OTT Bypass.

SIGOS is headquartered in Nuremberg, Germany, with regional offices in Singapore, Ghent (Belgium) and San Mateo (USA) and has several authorised partner companies and representations around the globe.

Our Customers

Each day over 470 network operators in 157 countries and more than 670 enterprise customers worldwide use products of the SIGOS portfolio for QoS & QoE testing, fraud detection, roaming testing and revenue assurance

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